popular ukrainian food

Ukraina is one of the largest countries in Europe. Its area contains a rich base and excellent atmosphere for the purpose of cultivation of agricultural civilizations and vegetables. Inspired by the agrarian roots of the economy, the Autocephalous dishes nutritious and are used a large number of civilizations, popular ukrainian food nurtured on. Most of the Autocephalous dishes are quite easy to make, but delicious and soothing. Recipes, which make Ukrainians today, almost did not change from this stage, if they are the first time given.

Ukrainians appreciate the hospitality, for this reason, the owners often face their own visitors with bread and salt, in order to greet them. An important precedent is considered in this case, the fact that about 85% of Ukrainians are Christians, for this reason, the celebration of Easter and Birth-given in fact excellent prepositions for the purpose of making something special.

Ukrainian Red Borscht
Traditional Slavic Heated The Soup / The Soup
Borsch-the most famous dish in Ukraine-soup. The main component is beetroot. They guarantee a full red color and a little sweet smell. Ordinary method soup also contains onions, cabbage, carrots, and parsley. Components have all chances to be changed with-because of preferences. Any family circle contains its own personal special revolution that was given from generation to origin. Typically, soup is served with sour cream and a piece of food. Also very popular perogie or dumplings. It would be difficult to show Ukraine in the absence of dumplings, despite in this case, the fact that the method originally originated from Turkey. Today, this priznachena Autocephalous food. Made with a relaxed test with different innards. In the filling property it is possible to apply potatoes, nicknames, cabbage, beef or including a product. Autocephalous dumplings also have all the chances to be sweet. For example, especially in demand in the summer. Long-standing-long ago the girls got used to have dumplings in the subsequent period after marriage, thus as well as this was a sign of good health.