hookers brussels

Most of the girls who are planning to get a job in an escort service, suggest that the vast majority of customers-elderly foreigners. This stereotype is partly true. In escort services are really hookers brussels often treated by foreigners, but not only they are not always of advanced age. In General, older representatives from abroad make up about 50% of all clients of such agencies. The remaining 50% can include very young representatives of the Golden youth or just young people from wealthy families, barely noted their age . By the way, this escort services is very strict. A client who does not look at eighteen, may well ask for a passport. Girls younger than this age are not employed either. Often in such agencies are turning businessmen looking for a lovely companion who will accompany them at a business meeting. Such customers often rush from one extreme to another. One needs a smart and educated girl who understands the art, will be able to support the conversation and charm business partners, and the other requires a silly doll looks that will nod and smile all evening. Hence, we can conclude that any girl in demand in the escort service. Among the customers you can find just single men who want to spend time in the pleasant company of a charming representative of the fair sex. However, such, as a rule, a little. Much less often in the Agency treated and women. Some of them are also looking for companions to go to some events, not to be bored alone.